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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:59:54 -0500
From: Before and After Science
Subject: BLAGUES-L: White House Installs Anti-Question Shield

From: Terry J. Klokeid ("sent to me by robert rodvik") 
Date: 25 Nov 2001 19:53:37 -0800 


Fearing a barrage of press corps questions that the White House does not want 
to answer, the Bush Administration has installed a high-tech anti-question 
shield to protect Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, sources confirmed today. 

The multi-billion dollar shield is designed to shoot down questions that could 
address what the White House feels is classified or sensitive information.  The 
first test of the new shield was successfully employed today during a press 
briefing, intercepting and destroying a question related to what constituted 
classified or sensitive information. 

"This is a huge step forward in the White House communications defense system," 
said an administration source who explained that the system automatically 
responds to questions that attempt to penetrate the shield by launching a 
series of pat, repetitive and purposefully vague responses. 

The defense shield can respond immediately to any question fired off by 
reporters by launching standard, defensive non-answers, such as "I believe the 
president has made himself clear on that issue," "You'd have to talk to the DOD 
(Department of Defense)," or "I'm not going to talk about operational matters." 

Critics maintain that the shield may not be foolproof and that some tough 
questions could get through. Asked whether President Bush had concerns that a 
serious question could penetrate the shield, Fleischer said, "I believe the 
president has made himself clear on that issue." 

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