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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 15:55:08 -0500 (EST)
From: B Ladder
Subject: BLAGUES-L: Deaf or Death?

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 10:30:24 +0100
From: Michel Festou

   The mafia was looking for a new man to make weekly
   collections from all the private businesses that they
   were 'protecting'. Feeling the heat from the police
   force, they decide to use a deaf and dumb person for
   this job; if he were to get caught, he wouldn't be
   able to communicate to the police what he was doing.

   Well, on his first week, the deaf collector picks up
   over $50,000. He gets greedy, decides to keep the
   money and stashes it in a safe place. The mafia soon
   realizes that their collection is late, and sends some
   of their hoods after the deaf collector.

   The hoods find the deaf collector and ask him where
   the money is. The deaf collector can't communicate
   with them, so the mafia drags the guy to an

   The mafia hood says to the interpreter, "Ask him where
   da money is." The interpreter signs, "Where's da money?"

   The deaf signs, "I don't know what you're talking

   The interpreter tells the hood,"He says he doesn't
   know what you're talking about"

   The hood pulls out a .38 and places it in the ear of
   the deaf collector. "NOW ask him where the money is."

   The interpreter signs, "Where is the money?"

   The deaf signs, "The $50,000 is in the tree stump in
   the NE part of Central Park near the pond."

   The interpreter looks to the hood and says, "He says
   he still doesn't know what you're talking about, and
   doesn't think you have the balls to pull the trigger."

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