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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 16:39:00 -0500
Subject: BLAGUES-L: This Toilet Seat Thing

	Personnellement, je n'ai JAMAIS compris c'etait quoi le probleme. 
JAMAIS.  Et voila que ce type devoile a la grandeur de la planete ce que
j'ai toujours considere comme evident...  Enfin.  N'empeche, c'est un de
ces sujets de discorde dont je ne comprends aucunement le fondement: 


From: Johnson
Newsgroups: rec.humor
Subject: Re: This Toilet Seat Thing;

Terri Grimes wrote:
> (Mark D. Vanderbilt) writes:
> >       Why do we have toilet seats in the first place?  Do people really
> >       need the 2" extra space around the bowl?
> Quite obviously written by a man.  We woman are sick of falling in the
> toilet in the middle of the night cause some man (we aren't quite sure
> which one) left the seat up.  Our delicate tush's are much smaller so
> we need those extra two inches.
Okay.  We've kept the secret since the advent of indoor plumbing,
but the amusement potential is long gone.  I'll risk the wrath of
men everywhere by divulging our secret method for avoiding this
household catastrophe.

Before sitting on the toilet, we look at the toilet seat!  A quick
visual inspection can reveal with uncanny accuracy whether it is
up or down!  If this seems arcane and bizarre to you, you can
practice by putting the seat up, looking at it, putting it down
and looking again, etc.  After only a couple hours of this you will
find that you can tell instantly the state of the seat merely by 
looking at the toilet before sitting on it!

Sorry, guys, but it had to come out sooner or later.

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