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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 08:27:48 -0500 (EST)
Subject: BLAGUES-L: Disney, de toutes les controverses

From: swan


Subject: Re: "Gay Lib & THE CORRUPTION of VIRTUE" 

kevin_e wrote:

>The new animation, "Lion King" by Disney, describes the
>difference in a society ruled by a homoerotic fascist brotherhood
>and one under the kingship of a fraternal brotherhood, based 
>on fidelity to the family.

YOW! I think yer onto something here, my man!!
Disney is a veritable HOTBED of controversy... Lessee...

Snow White is an obvious drug reference... we won't even go INTO the
"poisoned apple" bit. But the MESSAGE......  Sexual overtures can awaken
and heal a young virgin! Yowza! And those DWARVES..... 

101 Dalmatians is about child abduction and large families. The half
black- half white hair of the villainess is a warning against mixed-race
marriages. Works for ME! 

Sorceror's Apprentice is not only anti Black Magic, but directly address
the danger of giving magical tools to vermin. Mickey IS a rodent, you
know! AND Black! 

Beauty and the Beast is about s*x! Bestiality, trans speciesism,
hallucenogenics (how ELSE would you define talking furniture as
'normal'??) and magic. 

The Little Mewrmaid is also bestiality (pisceality?) and the dangers of
being unsatisfied with one's place in society. 

Pocahantas has a girl cavorting half naked with animals (Does Diz have a
PROBLEM or WHAT??) and marrying outside her race! 

C'mon guys... I'm sure there are a DOZEN I've missed! 

Mickey is a wizard and probably Satanic!
Goofy is poking fun at all males. Probably a femiNazi, eh?
Donald Duck is a White male... 'nuff said!!  Oh... he pokes fun at our 
Armed Services with that half-a-sailor-suit! He should be DE-commissioned 
at ONCE!
Scrooge McDuck is a slap at wealthy people.
Heuy, Dewey and Louie are NOT Donald's "nephews"...PLEASE! Ducks normally 
have two or three eggs to a clutch! Daisy is a slut!
Minnie Mouse is immodestly dressed and has three little mice-nephews 
hanging at HER skirts, too. While mouse litters are more normally about 
six to twelve in number, it is ALSO true that the male mice EAT the 
babies! Horrifying!!
And has OSHA investigated the injury potential in wearing slippers made 
of GLASS?? The injury, should one of those break, would be terrible!

No, let's PERSONCOTT Disney until they CLEAN UP THEIR ACT!!


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