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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 08:23:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: BLAGUES-L: Biiiiiiig mistake on a 747...!

From: D.M.Rigby

     A man is on a long flight from New York to Los Angeles. After foolishly 
ordering the beef stew for dinner, he finds himself at the end of a long 
line for the mens room.  Noticing that there is no line for the ladies 
room, he locates a flight attendant.

     "Excuse me ma'am, but I must go to the bathroom, and I noticed that 
there is no line for the ladies room."

     "Sir, are you telling me you would like to use the ladies room? I'm 
sorry sir, but I believe you can wait for at least another ten to fifteen 
minutes. If the line is still there after that, come find me."

     The poor man stood in line another fifteen minutes {desperatly holding 
his crotch and ass} and saw there flight attendant walking by.

     "Now may I use the bathroom ma'am?"
     "Alright," she said, "but whatever you do, don't touch any of the 

     The man quickly walked over to the bathroom and went inside. He pulled 
his pants down and breathed a sigh of relief. Remembering what the 
attendant said, he was careful not to touch any of the three buttons he 
saw before him, but eventually he was overcome by curiousity.

     He reached over and push the first button marked 'WW'. A warm 
stream of water went over his ass.  "Hmmm." he thought to himself. "Not 
bad." He then pushed the second button marked 'WA'. A warm jet of air 
blew over his ass. "the ladies really got it good here..." he thought to 
himself. He than pushed the next button marked 'ATR' and everything went 
     When the man woke up, a nurse was leaning over him in a hospital.
     "Oh." she said.  "You're up. If you need anything, just press the 
nurse button and I'll get it for you."
     Feeling quite dazed from his period of unconciousness, he slightly 
recovered himself and pressed the button the nurse had pointed out.
     "Yes?" the nurse said as she bustled in. 
     "Nurse, what happened?"
     "Well, remember how you needed to use the ladies room on the plane trip 
here to L.A.?"
     "And remember how you were told not to push any buttons?"
     "Well the first two were fine to push, but the last, 'ATR', stands for 
automatic tampon remover...your penis is under your pillow...

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